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Thanks for being a great lady and a great lawyer.

Thank you for helping me end my nightmare and start my fairytale dream!

Just wanted to say thinks again for being such a blessing to us. You're awesome!

Thank you for being a rare find in the realm of attorneys and in the greater sense- of all people.  Your sense of humor, sensitivity and emotional support are some of the many extras that made going through this process easier.

You have changed my perception of lawyers.  Now I know that there is a least one good one out there. I bring you and my case up when the guys here start lawyer bashing.

Wow! I could not have been more impressed with your mediation skills.  Your opening spiel was just terrific and I especially loved how you incorporated all the "collaborative" skills into the meeting.  Well Done!  Expect me to continue to sing your praises. Thank You. (from a fellow lawyer)

I sincerely feel that without your involvement in this case, the outcome could have been much different.  Now the boys and I can go on with a normal life.  It was a pleasure working with you, and if I ever have the occasion I would recommend your services. Again, we are so grateful to you, and best wishes on the new addition to your family.

Thank you for all your kind words and understanding at my time of need. I am glad that the law profession has nice people like you.

Thank you for you.

Just a note to thank you for your efforts.  It was something to behold!

I want to thank you and how you fought to keep a family together.  For that we are eternally grateful!!  Just want you to know I personally think you are awesome! May God bless you with the same kindness you show others. Thank You.

At this time I would like to let you know again how much I respect your work as an attorney and an individual and I would like to thank you for being there with me and seeing me through hose horrible and unforgettable times in my life -- but good news: there's light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you again and al the best always.

My two boys have gotten big -- you would be proud of the sons I am raising. I owe a lot of my parenting I think to you.  After all, I was a kid when you first helped me and you showed me kindness and love will always overcome hatred and bitterness.  I try and remember that lesson now as I go through this. 

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such great legal advice and moral support... I couldn't have gone through this well without your help, kind ear and humor.

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